Create your individualized health plan

  • If you could change anything in your life or work, what would that be?

This process assists people, like yourself, who want to make a change (e.g. lose weight, experience greater health, create a more  balanced life, increase fitness)

Discover strategies you haven’t used or thought of, to meet your goals

Be supported in a “fail safe”, highly effective process to more easily achieve your goals

  • Are you feeling too busy, tired, burnt-out, stressed or overwhelmed?

This process will support you to find strategies you can use to succeed without burning yourself out, so you can regain your vitality and  live a healthy lifestyle with more life satisfaction!

  • Access 12 areas of your life 
  • Every aspect of your life can have a positive or a negative impact on every other aspect of your life.
  • What is giving you positive energy in your life right now?
  • What is draining your energy in your life right now?

What benefits will you receive?

  • Education, information, and resources to make the right health choices
  • Create an individualized step-by-step action plan to meet your health and wellness goals
  • Mind/Body Optimizing Self Care practices for health and well-being using:

Easy to apply 30 second – 5 minute practices

Proven practices that diminish stress and energize your system

Breathing practices

Stretching/Tai Chi movements


Relaxation techniques

  • Facilitation by a trained health coach in a highly successful, “fail safe” program
  • Learn from others through their experiences, resources and ideas